Our Team

 We constantly strive to improve so that we can serve you better, and we're so thankful for these amazing team members!

Our work
is a team effort

Meet the folks
behind the scenes

Dr. Justin Dubose

Luke T.

alanna Dubose

christina alleN
executive assistant

Justin is our Founder & President. He develops our products and services, builds relationships with clients, and conducts our training and coaching. Not only is he an expert in the field of leadership development, he is also extremely passionate about equipping and empowering others to grow.

In addition to being a Registered Nurse and mother of 5, Alanna is a certified Bookkeeper. She has worked for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. She is excellent at ensuring everything is done the right way and in a way that ensures continued growth.

This place wouldn't function without Christy! Christy makes sure that everything stays on track, from emails to appointments to travel calendars. She is currently in the process of converting our products into online course offerings. There's nothing she can't do! If you're not impressed yet, she's also a Registered Nurse and mother of 4.

Jason B.

Jeff K. 

Ashley I.

Josh S.

Our Team